Home Equity Line of Credit

HELOC to Pay off Your Mortgage: Is It a Good Idea?

HELOC Strategy to Pay off Mortgage HELOC Strategy to pay off the mortgage faster seems like an intriguing idea where you can float the banks’ money. This method works with any revolving credit. There are even a bunch of fancy names for it like Velocity Banking or Accelerated Banking. It does work but carries so Read more

Leasing a Car

Car Lease: Compare Same Car Class

Car Lease BMW 3 Series vs. Mercedes C Class vs. Audi A4 2020 This is part 3 of our Car Lease Series. In this video, we are going to use the same principles of Car Lease calculation to compare three very similar cars. This is a good video for those new to car shopping and unaware of Read more

Invest in Stock Market

How to Invest $1000 in Stock Market

Invest $1000 in Stock Market: 3 Ways If you want to invest $1000, of course after you paid off high-interest debt and have an emergency fund, this video is for you. Overview Invest $1000 Rerequisites Investment Considerations Robot Advisors One Diversified ETF Build Your Own Portfolio Useful Links 💰Get $50 in FREE Trades💰 How to Read more

Car Lease Calculation Examples

Car Lease Payment Examples

Civic LX, Chevrolet Sonic, and BMW 740i Lease Payment Examples This is part 2 of our Car Lease Series. In this episode, you can follow us gathering the data that is available online on 3 different cars. We wanted to show you an example of a car that is leased well, a car that is Read more

Car Lease Payment Calculations

How to Calculate Car Lease Payment

Car Lease Payment Calculations This video is first out of 4, teaching you how to calculate car lease payment. 1% rule. Residual, MSD, Money Factor, Drive Off, Acquisition Fee. Those are all of the terms that go into the monthly payment of your car lease. We had a few videos about car leasing and how Read more

Refinancing a Mortgage

Refinancing Mortgage During Covid-19 The idea is simple you find a better interest rate than what you are paying, you refinance your mortgage with this lower debt, your monthly payment goes down, and perhaps total interest costs. There are two major pitfalls to this strategy: transaction costs and maintaining the same loan term. Overview Pitfalls Read more

True Cost of Owning a Home

Pay off Mortgage vs. Invest

Pay off Debt vs. Invest: Investor Mindset, Emotions, and Math There is a straightforward mathematical answer to this question, yet it is one of the most commonly debated topics. If you follow Dave Ramsey, he puts great emphasis on paying down the mortgage, but only after that you can start saving 15% and it works Read more

Rent vs. Buy Home Calculations

Rent vs. Buy Home The decision to buy or rent a home is not one to be taken lightly. It will affect your lifestyle and your savings. A home is one of the largest purchases most of us will make in our lifetime. It’s no wonder that the conversation around buying vs. renting a home Read more


Buy a New Car or Keep the Old One

New Car vs. Old Car This video is a detailed calculation of: How much does it cost to keep the existing car and keep repairing it? Buying a new vehicle for cash. Financing a new car. Leasing the new vehicle. We ended up buying a new car. At the end of the video, you will Read more

Car Negotiation

New Car Negotiation Tips 2020

New Car Negotiation Tips Find out how to get 20,000 off MSRP for the new car. It was a combination of manufacturer incentives, dealer discount, and negotiation. This video is about negotiation advice and things to pay attention to. Overview Psychological tips Before visiting the dealership Dealership visit After the agreement Helpful Links Auto Calculators Read more