Booking App

Best Travel Apps To Have On Your iPhone or Android

Every trip needs some planning, and in 2020 you can plan and manage your trips directly from your smartphone. Be your own travel agent and you can leave the road maps at home – let these top travel apps do the hard work for you. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, your next vacation Read more

Airline Credit Cards

How to Fly Business Class Cheap: Ultimate Guide

If you’re like us, you’re already thinking about your next flight somewhere. The world is on sale, and you love a travel bargain. The problem is that amazing deal is in Economy (or worse, Basic Economy). Yay. We’re so (not) excited to pay fees for everything, from $35 for my first checked bag to $8 Read more

How to Calculate Cash Back

Effective Cash Back Rate: What It Is and How to Determine It

Updated: May 21,2020 It’s important to assess how “good” a credit card is by calculating the effective cash back rate. This is how much value the card gives back for the money spent using it. The effective cash back rate is not the only factor to judge a rewards credit card’s worth. Yet, it is Read more

Avoid Credit Card Fees

Common Credit Card Fees: 9 Types & Tips To Avoid Them

Your credit card issuer generates income using credit card fees. Some of them are related to the maintenance and operation of the card. Others are penalties for bad credit behavior. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get a card with no fees included. The next best thing to do is understand the different types of fees. Then Read more

Personal Finance Software Tools

Your Guide to Personal Finance Software Tools

Personal finance software tools help give you authority over your financial life, but they don’t all serve the same purpose. You may want to track expenses, stick to a budget, invest, pay your taxes, or perform other money management tasks. No matter your financial goals, you can bet there’s a software tool out there that Read more

Credit Score

Credit History: What It Is and How To Establish It Safely

The next time you apply for credit, your lender will ask for permission to pull your credit history. Most likely, you’ll give permission, even if you’re not too sure what exactly your credit history is. Fortunately, we’ve developed this guide to help you learn more about this topic. It starts by defining credit history and Read more

Credit Cards

What and How Many Credit Cards Should I Have: Full Guide

Updated: June 22, 2020 Win the Credit Card Game In 2020 Credit Cards are a necessity just like your cell phone or a driver’s license. They are powerful tools that can destroy your finances when used incorrectly. Our goal is the opposite – to win the Credit Card game and to use credit cards for Read more

Knowing Your Credit Card Rights

Know Your Credit Card Rights: Complete Guide

Despite all their benefits, credit cards have gotten a bad reputation. In the past, the problem was the credit card issuers. They used deceptive practices, applying obscure fees and harsh penalties for the slightest customer mistake. Today, card issuers are more transparent, yet consumers still worry about hackers and criminals. When they commit fraud on Read more