Cash Back Credit Cards

What Gas Stations Do Cash Back

Discover the Full List of Gas Stations that Do Cash Back in 2020

It seems like the world is going cashless. Between mobile bank transfers, PayPal, Venmo, and other digital financial apps, no one uses “real” folding money anymore. As for coins, maybe you’ll need a quarter for the parking meter; that is if they don’t have an app already. Yet, cash-only situations still do happen, and there Read more

How to Calculate Cash Back

Effective Cash Back Rate: What It Is and How to Determine It

Updated: May 21,2020 It’s important to assess how “good” a credit card is by calculating the effective cash back rate. This is how much value the card gives back for the money spent using it. The effective cash back rate is not the only factor to judge a rewards credit card’s worth. Yet, it is Read more

Cash Back Credit Cards

Travel Rewards vs. Cash Back Credit Cards: Make the Right Choice

If you travel frequently, a travel rewards credit card is an excellent credit card to add to your wallet. The most popular cards come with amazing perks and sought-after rewards programs. However, not every travel reward credit card is suitable for your circumstance. Your travel and spending habits will indicate whether a travel rewards vs. Read more

Cash Back Credit Card

What To Consider While Choosing a Cash Back Credit Card

The draw of a cash back credit card is very appealing. You can earn money back at the end of the month from your purchases, in addition to other benefits. The cash back earned is maximized when you pay off your balance each month. We want you to select the best card available for your Read more

Cash Back

Cash Back vs. Statement Credit: Understanding the Difference

One of the most popular credit card benefits today is the cash back offer. When your credit card issuer says “cash back,” it’s used as an umbrella term for a group of sub-offers. The most common types are the statement credit and true cash back. How can you tell the difference? In this article, we’ll Read more