Smart Tax Loss Selling

Smart Tax Loss Selling in 2018

It’s the end of the year, and the stock markets are down. It’s true; the markets may not have been too favorable to many people this year. There is a bright side to the dismal markets. It presents an opportunity to capitalize on tax savings by selling low performing stock: this is called tax loss Read more

Tax Tips to Follow

Tax Tips to Follow before 2019

The end of 2018 is fast approaching. Soon, you’ll need to file your taxes. Tax season doesn’t have to be filled with dread and worry. There is still time to make your 2018 tax filing a more successful one. Follow these tax tips and you may have a better 2018 tax experience. Things to do Read more

How to Calculate Cash Back

Effective Cash Back Rate: What It Is and How to Determine It

Updated: May 21,2020 It’s important to assess how “good” a credit card is by calculating the effective cash back rate. This is how much value the card gives back for the money spent using it. The effective cash back rate is not the only factor to judge a rewards credit card’s worth. Yet, it is Read more

Tax Deductions

2019 Tax Deductions Are Getting Larger: What This Means to You

In 2018, the standard deduction you could claim on your taxes was raised to almost double the past amount. Many American families will see the savings reflected when filing their taxes for 2018. The IRS recently announced the new adjustments for the 2019 tax deduction. There were a few surprises; namely, the standard deduction has Read more

What Not to Use a Credit Card For

Explore What NOT to Use a Credit Card For

Updated: June 22, 2020 Paying by credit card can be a great idea. It’s convenient and carries less liability than using your debit card. It can help you build credit when you pay it off on time. Earning rewards make credit cards even better. Yet, there are things you should probably NEVER put on a Read more

Delta Sky Lounge Locations

Delta Sky Club Locations in the US: the Complete List of 2020

If you’re like us, you can appreciate the comfort of an airport lounge over waiting at the airport gate. Having access to the Delta Sky Club Lounge always reduces the stress of waiting for your flight. Some of the amenities available at the Delta Sky Club locations include: Free Wi-Fi access and multiple electrical charging Read more

Hilton Credit Card

Explore These 14 Hilton Brands Before Planning Your Next Trip

Conrad Nicholson Hilton bought his first hotel in 1913 and eventually formed the original Hilton hotel. Today his company has more than 500 hotels over 85 countries. The Hilton Brands are often cited as the industry standard. Hilton brands are found in cities across the world, even if they don’t carry the Hilton name on Read more

How To Save Money At Christmas Gifts

The Smartest Ways to Save Money on Christmas Gifts

It’s almost Christmas, which means it’s time to buy gifts for the ones you love. Unfortunately, many of us overspend when we shop for our loved ones. In 2017, the average American shopper accumulated $1,054 in new debt over the Christmas season. 44% of us incurred $1,000 of holiday debt, while 5% of us bought Read more

Credit Card Interest

Credit Card Grace Period: Understand How It Works and Take Full Advantage Of It

Did you pay interest on your credit card purchases from this month? If you have, is this a common habit for you? When you’re regularly paying interest on your purchases, you probably aren’t familiar with your credit card grace period. Many people think it’s normal to pay interest on our purchases every month. This misinformation Read more

Cash Back Credit Cards

Travel Rewards vs. Cash Back Credit Cards: Make the Right Choice

If you travel frequently, a travel rewards credit card is an excellent credit card to add to your wallet. The most popular cards come with amazing perks and sought-after rewards programs. However, not every travel reward credit card is suitable for your circumstance. Your travel and spending habits will indicate whether a travel rewards vs. Read more