0% APR Credit Cards

Car Purchasing Options

Car Purchase Options 2020

Exploring Car Purchase Options The worst financial decision you can make is concentrating on the car payment and not seeing the whole picture. It can literately wipe off a million of your retirement nest egg. In the previous video, we talked about all of the costs associated with owning a vehicle. If after all of Read more

Zero APR Credit Cards

Choosing 0% APR Credit Cards Wisely

0% APR credit cards are powerful tools to help reduce credit card debt. They allow you to pay off the principal of the debt without accruing interest over a given period of time. This 0% APR offer may apply to new purchases, past balance transfers, or both. If you are looking for 0% APR credit Read more

0% APR Credit Cards

Credit Cards with No Interest Rate: How They Work

You may have heard that credit cards with no interest rate are great cards to have. But what makes them so great? Provided that you can meet all the credit card’s terms and conditions, you won’t pay interest during an introductory period. According to the CARD Act of 2009, the 0% APR offer must be Read more

0% APR Credit Cards

Everything You Need to Know about 0 APR Credit Cards

So, you’re interested in a 0% APR credit card. This could be a very smart idea. A 0% APR card means you won’t pay interest on your balance transfers, new purchases, or both. This interest-free period can be as low as 6 months to as high as 21 months. We’ve listed some important facts about Read more

0 APR Credit Cards

Deferred Interest vs. Zero APR Credit Cards: Know the Difference

A lender’s “interest-free financing” credit card sounds like a tempting offer. It might be worded as “0% APR” and “no interest if paid in full” over a given time. The promise of saving money with a credit card is powerful. If you could eliminate paying interest, why not get the card? Before you add it Read more